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Procedure 3D impresions desktop
Procedure 3D impresions desktop

3D Scanning

Advanced Digital Imaging to Improve Surgical Outcomes

To provide the highest level of oral surgical care, we have equipped our offices with cone beam CAT scanners. This is the state-of-the-art in imaging of the jaws and facial bones. This type of imaging allows a more accurate diagnosis of oral health problems. It is most commonly used for evaluating the upper and lower jaws before dental implant placement. It may also be used to evaluate impacted teeth or other bony pathology, including fractures of the jaws.

The cone beam 3D scan helps our surgeons to identify the problem, determine the best surgical treatment, and obtain additional information that cannot be obtained from conventional methods, like two-dimensional X-ray studies. This information will enable safer, more conservative surgery for our patients. Our oral surgeons will determine if this type of scan is beneficial to your care and may recommend 3D imaging when you come in for a consultation.

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