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Meet Jessica

Video Review

Dr. Fasi removed Jessica’s wisdom teeth and now she isn’t in pain anymore.

Jessica had her wisdom teeth removed at Michigan Oral Surgeons

Jessica's Story

"I needed all four of my wisdom teeth taken out. They had all come through, and they were giving me some problems, so I decided it was finally time. I wasn't too nervous. I saw some really good reviews about this place, so I knew it was going to be a good choice to come into this one. The staff was awesome. They were super friendly. I walked in; I felt very comfortable. Dr. Fasi was great. He walked in like a friend. Very thorough about what to expect before and after. Surgery went really well. I did the anesthetics — I went under. I feel great. I'm very proud of the decision I made. I don't have any more pain anymore. I had a very great experience, and I would absolutely recommend Michigan Oral Surgeons."

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