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Meet Maggie

Video Review

Maggie was nervous to have a tooth extracted, but it didn’t hurt at all!

Maggie had a tooth extracted at Michigan Oral Surgeons

Maggie's Story

"Hi! I’m Maggie, and I live in Ann Arbor. I came to Michigan Oral Surgeons because I got recommended by Dr. Bibeck, my regular dentist, and I needed an extraction. They kept talking to me because it sounded horrible, but it didn’t hurt. Dr. Lopez is a smiler and like a big teddy bear and very relaxed and gave me all the time I wanted. He just felt like someone I knew for a long time. I would recommend the Michigan Oral Surgeons, especially Dr. Lopez because I worked with him, and if my friends lived in Troy or Detroit or Ann Arbor, I’d say this is the place to go. Dr. Lopez was wonderful."

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