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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

A Common Oral Surgery Procedure to Restore Oral Health

A single tooth may need to be removed due to injury, decay, or disease. Tooth extraction is also a common procedure associated with other dental treatments. Other times, a tooth may need to be extracted as a preventive measure, such as wisdom teeth removal. While always preferable to save a natural tooth, extraction may be the only option to restore oral health.

The oral surgery team at Michigan Oral Surgeons works hard to examine every possibility of restoring a natural tooth before an extraction. If replacement is a part of your treatment plan, your surgeon will discuss your options for tooth replacement, such as dental implants.

Why Does My Tooth Need To Be Removed?

A single tooth (or multiple teeth) may be recommended for removal for many reasons:

  • Dental crowding
    When the jaw is too small, it cannot accommodate all 28 adult teeth. As a result, the teeth crowd together, which results in poor positioning and bite misalignment issues. Dental crowding is also common when adult teeth come in before their corresponding baby teeth have fallen out.
  • Periodontal disease
    Gum disease is one of the most common causes of advanced tooth decay. Gum disease affects the tissues around the tooth and the bones beneath the gum line. Periodontal disease is a serious oral infection that can affect general health.
  • Tooth decay
    Tooth decay can result in the destruction of teeth, abscess formation, and serious health problems. It is also known as a cavity. Untreated and severe tooth decay may render a tooth non-restorable, necessitating the removal of the tooth.
  • Oral health treatment
    Removing a tooth may be recommended as part of a larger dental treatment plan, such as braces. However, most dental health professionals advise against removing a healthy tooth unless necessary.

Your oral surgeon will discuss your treatment plan in depth with you. At your consultation, you will review the tooth extraction procedure, discuss and select an option for anesthesia, and have your questions answered.

Types of Anesthesia

There are three main types of anesthesia that we use at our practice:

Hear From General Tooth Extraction Patients

These patients can tell you about the firsthand experience undergoing general tooth extraction at our office.

Reviews From Our General Tooth Extraction Patients

Laura Reviews Her General Tooth Extraction Procedure

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Laura had a tooth extracted at Michigan Oral Surgeons
General Tooth Extraction

"I needed to have a tooth pulled that had been long overdue. Prior to the surgery, I was nervous. Dr. Lopez, of course, is wonderful and was really able to ease any nervousness I might have had, answered all my questions. My surgery was painless with Dr. Lopez. He made it so easy — it really was. My fear was much worse than the procedure because I had no pain during the procedure at all. I'm in the medical profession, so I'm a little bit picky, and my standards are high. I had a wonderful experience, and I would definitely recommend Michigan Oral Surgeons and Dr. Lopez."

Kristy Reviews Her General Tooth Extraction Procedure

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Kris got dental implants at Michigan Oral Surgeons
General Tooth Extraction

"So, I have been a lifelong clencher of my teeth, and I was having a lot of pain, especially in the back of my jaw, and I came for the first consultation to have some teeth extracted. Both the staff within the office as well as the dentists were awesome. Dr. Lopez is extremely caring. I was very nervous the day I came in to see Dr. Lopez, and not only did he take the time but he explained step by step exactly what was going to be happening. Dr. Fear was also awesome. They both were very comforting and kind, and I should also mention, throughout the procedure, checking how — each step, are you comfortable? Was there anything that you need? The implants feel exactly like your natural teeth; you would never — even chewing, you would never notice any difference. I had a phenomenal experience here, and I would absolutely recommend Michigan Oral Surgeons to anybody having any issues whatsoever."

Maggie Reviews Her General Tooth Extraction Procedure

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Maggie had a tooth extracted at Michigan Oral Surgeons
General Tooth Extraction

"Hi! I’m Maggie, and I live in Ann Arbor. I came to Michigan Oral Surgeons because I got recommended by Dr. Bibeck, my regular dentist, and I needed an extraction. They kept talking to me because it sounded horrible, but it didn’t hurt. Dr. Lopez is a smiler and like a big teddy bear and very relaxed and gave me all the time I wanted. He just felt like someone I knew for a long time. I would recommend the Michigan Oral Surgeons, especially Dr. Lopez because I worked with him, and if my friends lived in Troy or Detroit or Ann Arbor, I’d say this is the place to go. Dr. Lopez was wonderful."

Elli Reviews Her General Tooth Extraction Procedure

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Eli had teeth extracted at Michigan Oral Surgeons
General Tooth Extraction

"I came here because I had to get some baby teeth pulled out — five to be exact. The first day I came in, I was nervous, but the staff really made me feel calm and relaxed. Everyone was so sweet. The surgery was great. I really like Dr. Lopez, and he did a great job. I would describe Dr. Lopez as sweet, funny, and he makes you feel very relaxed. If I needed to have surgery again, I would definitely come back to see Dr. Lopez. I had a great experience here, and I would definitely recommend Michigan Oral Surgeons. "

John Reviews His General Tooth Extraction Procedure

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General Tooth Extraction

"My experience here was absolutely phenomenal. Dr. Sanker is very kind, very knowledgeable, knows what he’s doing, and very comforting. The staff here, they’re a great extension of the doctors, and everyone here maintains a professional and positive attitude. The rest of the staff is incredibly welcoming. The follow-ups were great. They’re very concerned with making sure that you had the best possible experience. The procedure was, absolutely, without a doubt, successful. After the procedure I feel completely back to normal. I would give Michigan Oral Surgeons five stars out of five. "

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