Pre-prosthetic surgery in Ann Arbor, Adrian, Plymouth, and Dexter, MIPre-prosthetic surgery in Ann Arbor, Adrian, Plymouth, and Dexter, MI

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Get a Secure and Comfortable Fit From Your Dentures

Many patients use a denture. However, dentures can be uncomfortable due to the shape and size of the bony ridge the dentures sit upon. Pre-prosthetic surgery can enhance the look, feel, and function of a patient’s denture. The primary goal of pre-prosthetic surgery is to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

The type of pre-prosthetic surgery varies from patient to patient. Some require reshaping or smoothing of the jaw bone. Others may also need excess gum tissue or bone removed. Patients with impacted teeth may need to undergo exposure or removal during pre-prosthetic surgery.

Before performing the pre-prosthetic surgery, your oral surgeon will discuss your options for surgery and anesthesia. In addition, 3D scans will be taken to get a better understanding at your facial structures prior to treatment. Alternative forms of tooth replacement, such as dental implants, will be discussed as well.

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