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Meet Dr. Barber

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Dr. Barber refers her pediatric patients here for treatment because they receive exceptional care.

Dr. Barber refers her patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Barber's Story

"Hi, my name's Elizabeth Barber. I am a pediatric dentist. I work for Ann Arbor Dental Specialists in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I refer to Michigan Oral Surgeons because I know that my patients will be in excellent hands with them. I refer kids and young adults who need their wisdom teeth removed, patients who have pathology that needs to be examined. So I think it's very important to have a team-based approach when working with other professionals in the community. I've known Dr. Hitchcock my whole life, and so he was a natural choice for me when it was time to have my wisdom teeth removed. I came to the office and instantly felt at ease. The doctors took great care of me, and everything was managed very professionally. I think that Michigan Oral Surgeons are such a tremendous asset to this community. I refer not only my patients but my closest friends to this office because I really, truly feel that this is the best office in the area."

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