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Meet Dr. Heys

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Dr. Heys refers patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons because of their wide scope of treatment.

Dr. Heys refers his patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Heys' Story

"My name is Dr. David Heys. I refer to Michigan Oral Surgeons because they are an accessible group practice. I refer anything from third molar extraction cases, implant consultation and treatment cases. Any treatment concerns, questions, desires I have in how I want a case to unfold, the doctors are willing to listen, I think interpret my concerns and needs along with the patient's, obviously, and deliver a result that we can all be proud and happy with. One of the advantages of working together is I think collectively brainstorming possible treatment options for the patient, different approaches, and all three of the doctors have a practical treatment philosophy. They've got a friendly, welcoming staff and they're always available to help. You have to have trust in the doctors that you're working with when they're treating your patients outside of your office, and so it's invaluable to have a group practice that you have faith in."

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