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Meet Dr. Peacock

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Dr. Peacock appreciate the team-based approach at Michigan Oral Surgeons.

Dr. Peacock refers his patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Peacock's Story

"Hi, I'm Dr. Eric Peacock, and I've been practicing in Milan, MI, for 16 years now. I work with Dr. Steve Gregg, and Dr. Samantha Klipp in our practice. Well, for the most part, we refer a lot of wisdom teeth to the practice. We have a lot of young patients in our practice, and so it's fairly standard that we would send wisdom teeth cases here. Michigan Oral Surgeons uses the team-based approach by initiating first a comprehensive treatment plan with us for whatever the patient may need. When our patients come back from Michigan Oral Surgeons, they always comment on how capable the staff and the doctors were in helping them with their procedure. They usually say that it was much more comfortable of an experience than they had thought it would be, and the doctors seemed very capable and the staff was very helpful when they came for their appointments."

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