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Meet Dr. Towler

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Dr. Towler enjoys collaborating with the doctors here to create optimal patient outcomes.

Dr. Towler refers his patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Towler's Story

"I refer my patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons because the patients that have gone through the practice have commented on how cared for they are for the doctors and the staff here. Our office has a team-based approach with Michigan Oral Surgeons. Being able to collaborate with the doctors here, just make sure that we’re able to provide the best treatment for our patients. The doctors collectively here are very competent, all U of M trained, went through a very rigorous program there, but they come across as just very down-to-earth. Patients return to our practice generally pleased. Oral surgery can be a sometimes invasive process, and people may get nervous about it, and the doctors and the staff here do the best they can to provide a friendly environment for people to get the treatment they need."

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