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Meet Dr. Nolan

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Dr. Nolan refers patients here because of the excellent care and follow-up that the surgeons provide.

Dr. Nolan refers his patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Nolan's Story

"I am Dr. Patrick Nolan, an orthodontist in Canton, Michigan. I typically refer to the Michigan Oral Surgery Group for those complex orthognathic surgery needs, implant placement, as well as the fairly straight forward third molar removal-type cases. The things that patients tell me the most when they return to my office is that they say that the doctors took excellent care of them. The other interesting thing I find is, quite frequently, they’ll call and follow up with their patients in the next day or two. As a practitioner, I can’t tell you how important that is. I know that the Michigan Oral Surgery group will care for their patients hopefully as well as I try to care for my own patients."

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