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Meet Dr. Masri

Video Review

Dr. Masri will continue referring patients here for as long as he is in practice.

Dr. Masri refers his patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Masri's Story

"I'm Dr. Masri, an orthodontist in Livonia, Michigan. Dr. Hitchcock is an excellent surgeon. I had a very good experience with him when I got out of school about 14 years ago. I sent him a patient, a very difficult jaw surgery, and from that point on, Roger has been producing outstanding results for very difficult surgeries. Patients who are very demanding aesthetically, very difficult to deal with, he is the one to work with. Upscale cases, jaw surgery, cosmetic surgery, chin implants and nose jobs, those are the cases that Roger is an excellent surgeon — outstanding! Jaw surgery, in particular, is not very well reimbursed by insurance companies and to have a surgeon who is willing to do it, even with some compensation, is very comforting for me and comforting for the patient because we are trying to achieve certain goals, especially higher goals, because medically and aesthetically, he is the guy to go for. I feel very comfortable, and hopefully, we will have a good relationship for the next 15–20 years."

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