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Meet Dr. Guest

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Dr. Guest refers patients here because of the excellent results that patients receive.

Dr. Guest refers her patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Guest's Story

"I’m Dr. Suzie Guest, and I work with Nolan and Guest Orthodontics in Canton, Michigan. We refer to Michigan Oral Surgeons because they do a great job. They are excellent with the patients. Their clinical results are consistently great. We refer extraction of wisdom teeth, extraction of primary teeth as well as permanent teeth, and orthognathic or jaw surgery. The patients benefit greatly from good communication. That’s why the results are always excellent. Our patients always have great things to say about the doctors at Michigan Oral Surgery. Never a complaint, they always do an excellent job communicating with the patients, talking to them about pre-operative care and post-operative care. Clinically, their results are excellent. We never have a problem with sending patients their way."

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