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Meet Dr. Regula

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The patients that Dr. Regula refers here always come back with positive feedback about the staff and the results.

Dr. Regula refers his patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Regula's Story

"Hi! I’m Chet Regula, and I represent Preferred Dental Group. We will refer to Michigan Oral Surgeons all aspects of oral surgery care, certainly simple exodontia (removal of teeth), third molars, orthognathic surgery, any edentulous work, work with implants. One of the really beneficial things in working with Michigan Oral Surgeons is that the patients, upon returning, have only the finest of things to say about the care that they received. Over the years of working with the surgeons at Michigan Oral Surgery, we've developed a great degree of confidence in their abilities to help us care for our patients in a total and complete manner. Certainly there are things we do not have the level of expertise for, but that level of expertise is confidently felt with the practitioners at Michigan Oral Surgeons."

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