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Dr. Gimmaro has been referring patients here since 1990.

Dr. Gimmaro refers his patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Gimmaro's Story

"My name is Dr. Joseph Gimmaro; I practice in Canton, MI. I'm a general dentist. Michigan Oral Surgeons, both Dr. Fear and Dr. Hitchcock, I've been referring to them since about 1990. They're just very accommodating with everything. Any time that we call, they accept our emergency patients right away. Typically the type of cases that we refer are simple extractions, third molar extractions. Within the last 10 years, we have gotten into the implant restorative aspect of dentistry. We refer to the Michigan Oral Surgeons. Implant dentistry is very expensive at this point; they are very willing to help out as far as laying all the costs out for the patients, and it really makes them feel a lot more comfortable when they know all the upfront things. We've gotten excellent responses from our patients. They've always had really good experiences with Michigan Oral Surgery."

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