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Dr. Gregg’s patients are seen promptly and receive excellent care from the doctors here.

Dr. Gregg refers his patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Gregg's Story

"Hi, my name is Stephen Gregg. I'm a dentist in Milan, Michigan. My practice is a group practice. My partner is Dr. Eric Peacock. Our office refers to the Michigan Oral Surgery Group, Dr. Fear, Dr. Hitchcock, and Dr. Lopez, because our patients get such good service there. We have referred many third molars and other difficult extractions and just a variety of things. Almost anything that you could refer to an oral surgeon, we send them here. The team-based approach is a thing that really pleases me because I get very good communication from the office here, Michigan Oral Surgery group, and my staff and their staff communicate very, very well. Generally we get a very good response. Usually they are pleased that they were seen promptly and they're no longer having pain. It's a very good response, very favorable 99% of the time. They do a good job. They treat our patients like family, which is really what they are to us in our practice."

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