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This office and staff are quick and communicate excellently with Dr. Love and his team.

Dr. Love refers his patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Love's Story

"I'm Dr. Robert Love III, also known as Dr. Bob Love, and I am at Love Family Dental in Adrian, Michigan. I refer to Michigan Oral Surgeons because Drs. Fear, Hitchcock, and Lopez are very kind to my patients, and they are also very concerned about their treatment. I refer implant procedures, complex extractions, and pathology consults. When I refer to the Michigan Oral Surgeons, it becomes a team approach because as soon as I send that referral, their staff is very quick in responding to my patient's needs, scheduling the appointment, and also making sure that they have the right images and knowledge about my patient to make sure the treatment is done effectively. When my patients return from my referrals, there are three questions I ask them: I always ask if the staff was kind to them, if the dentist was kind to them, and then also if they had an enjoyable experience. And every time they come back from Michigan Oral Surgeons, those answers are a resounding "Yes!"

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