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This office communicates very well with Dr. Patel’s office.

Dr. Patel refers her patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Patel's Story

"My name is Dr. Bonnie Patel, and I have a family and cosmetic dental practice on Stadium Boulevard here in Ann Arbor. I like to refer to Michigan Oral Surgeons because the staff is extremely competent, the surgeons are extremely competent, and my patients are just very happy. I refer a lot of extractions here, and I also do refer some pathology. I send the patient to see Dr. Fear usually, and he and I will talk after the initial consultation. He is very good at letting me know what his side of things are, then the patient returns to me ready for restoration of the implants. My patients say that they are extremely happy with how short and sweet everything was. I have a lot of confidence in Michigan Oral Surgeons. I've been referring here for approximately 20 years, and my patients continually tell me how wonderful it was, the experience here."

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