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Dr. Pinkney refers all dental implant cases to this office because of the doctors’ expertise.

Dr. Pinkney refers his patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Pinkney's Story

"Hi, I'm Dr. Henry Pinkney. I'm a General Dentist, and I work in Canton, Michigan. I refer to Michigan Oral Surgeons because every time we send a patient to their office, each of the doctors provides excellent care, excellent treatment. We refer some difficult surgical extractions to their office, and we refer 100% of our implant cases to their office. I took a series of year-long seminars with Dr. Hitchcock many years ago in implant placement and restoration, and I was very impressed with his knowledge, his skill. I have patients who I may send over to Dr. Hitchcock for a single procedure, and I know that he'll do that procedure; if he sees anything unusual or if the others, Dr. Fear or Dr. Lopez, see anything unusual, they'll call me, they'll give me their input. And it's always good advice, good input that I get back from them, and I know that that patient is going to come back to me very pleased that they were sent to Michigan Oral Surgeons."

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