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"Dr. Stephen Riedy appreciates how well this office coordinates the care of his patients.

Dr. Riedy refers his patients to Michigan Oral Surgeons

Dr. Stephen Riedy's Story

"My name is Steve Riedy, and I am a maxillofacial prosthodontist, and I am located in Plymouth, Michigan. I refer to Michigan Oral Surgeons because I have known the group practice for many years. I’ve done a number of cases over many, many years with Dr. Hitchcock and Dr. Fear and have become very confident in the services they provide our patients. I find that we work as a very team-based type of group — myself as a prosthodontist and the oral surgeons. There are many great benefits, I think, to the patients by way of that they are very good for obtaining information we may need at a certain point in time about different things related to placement of implants, about dates of procedures, about the type of implant that might be placed. Then my staff interacts with their staff. We've gotten to know each other well over the years."

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