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Kimberly knew just what to expect during her procedure, and her recovery went great.

Kimberly had her wisdom teeth removed at Michigan Oral Surgeons

Kimberly's Story

"I’m Kimberly, and I am from Dundee, Michigan. I came to Michigan Oral Surgeons to have two wisdom teeth removed. I was very nervous when I came in because I had had a bad experience at a dentist before, and Dr. Fear made it wonderful. He is a very nice doctor. He’s very caring. He’s very…makes you feel at ease and makes you feel like he knows exactly what he’s doing so you have no doubt about anything that’s going to happen. He lets you know what to expect. My recovery was wonderful. I had virtually no pain when I left, just a little soreness for a few days, and after that, I was back to normal. If any of my friends were to ask me from Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Monroe, Dundee, about any wisdom teeth removal surgeons around this area, I would highly suggest that they come to this office and see Dr. Fear, because he made the experience just wonderful."

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