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Extractions and dental implants relieved Kristy of her pain and allowed her to chew normally again.

Kris got dental implants at Michigan Oral Surgeons

Kristy's Story

"So, I have been a lifelong clencher of my teeth, and I was having a lot of pain, especially in the back of my jaw, and I came for the first consultation to have some teeth extracted. Both the staff within the office as well as the dentists were awesome. Dr. Lopez is extremely caring. I was very nervous the day I came in to see Dr. Lopez, and not only did he take the time but he explained step by step exactly what was going to be happening. Dr. Fear was also awesome. They both were very comforting and kind, and I should also mention, throughout the procedure, checking how — each step, are you comfortable? Was there anything that you need? The implants feel exactly like your natural teeth; you would never — even chewing, you would never notice any difference. I had a phenomenal experience here, and I would absolutely recommend Michigan Oral Surgeons to anybody having any issues whatsoever."

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